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A. D. Productions
Atomic Death
Duncan: Art Teacher
Light Bulb Face
Overbite (music)
Puff and Skeeter
Sparky's Adventure


self portrait winter
Self portrait. Winter '05/'06. So happy.

Crucified, whoo!

PD peeps
A few characters from a FLASH animation I'm working on that will hopefully see the light of day.

3 faces of Troy
3 faces of Troy, a character from a new strip I have been working on called "Incoherent Light".

Earl and MT
Two more guys from "Incoherent Light". All of these characters are done exclusively in Photoshop.

Bobo and Manny
Bobo the Clown and Manny the Mime from my early '90's strip "Snake Tales".

From one of my many board game ideas. Yes I realize there is a spelling error on this one, oh well.

Heel and Dame
The heel and the dame...

Techno'd Out 2 CD cover
One of my many mix CD covers.

Crazy weirdo
Some crrrazy weirdo...

love that VD!
This one's for the ladies... or anyone who likes this lame-ass holiday for that matter.

jonze vs slug
Jonze about to blast a giant slug with a santa hat on it's head...

Hey, don't ask me...

Some rock n' roller jammin' out... too bad I'm an idiot and forgot to put a strap on the guitar.

Spooky spooky alien...

lizard on a box
It's a lizard on a box, there's really nothing more to say...

a true red hot chili pepper
A true red hot chili pepper...

Black Elvis/Soilent Blue CD cover
This was the cover for a CD single featuring Black Elvis and Soilent Blue.

mad clown
There's nothing scarier than a mad clown, trust me.

I have no idea who took the original photo to this, but it's my favorite of the band.

Panda on a beach?
Ahhhhh, a relaxing day at the beach.

robot's back
The robot's back...

All artwork and characters(except Nirvana and Black Elvis) copyright 2006 Piet Beerends