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Atomic Death
Duncan: Art Teacher
Light Bulb Face
Overbite (music)
Puff and Skeeter
Sparky's Adventure
Puff and Skeeter


Puff and Skeeter

Piet's dragons, Puff and Skeeter. Puff (the green one) is a mad pothead, and Skeeter (the blue one) is an alcoholic. I've been drawing these guys for quite some time now, and giving them to good friends as gifts.

The first Puff!
The first drawing of Puff. Pre-earring, pre-necklace, a shorter goattee, and he has eyebrows.

Puff and the aliens
My random(in more ways than one) Puff

Puff as Atomic Death
Jay's Puff

Shannon's Puff
Shannon's Puff

Rick's Puff
Rick's Puff

Puff and Skeeter on the moon!
Carlos' Puff

Skeeter blows goats!
Andrew's Puff

Josh's Puff
Josh's Puff

Abby's Puff
Abby's Puff

Puff and Skeeter spread some holiday cheer
Jesus' Puff

The Puff and Skeeter store

"Puff and Skeeter", copyright 2005 Piet Beerends.